Hey, I'm Lisa

Imagine walking into your office, knowing it's your last shift and you never have to trade your time for money again. Because that's exactly what I did.

I quit. Effective immediately & did a complete 360 on my life. Moved to tropical North Queensland & lived the slow life 🌴

Which is crazy because it was vastly different to my background in emergency services. I craved change, travel & I was on a mission to make it all happen.

Sitting in my tiny office cubicle as a manager of an Emergency Triple 000 call centre. Working rotating shifts & crazy hours, I knew there was no way I could stay there for the next 40+ years. I felt like there was no end.

I was ready to put in the hard work, learn & and create a decent income that wasn't from my "normal" office job. I refused to work for someone else.

Looking back, I was exhausted working rotating shifts, never had any time to do things that I enjoyed, barely saw my family. All because I was working hard on someone else's dream. And with only 4 weeks of annual leave per year it wasn't going to free up my time like I had wanted so desperately.

So I googled * how to earn an income online*

This is where I came across....Affiliate Marketing! 🤓

KODAK 400 VC-3




Kynd Cafe, Bali

A way for me to earn a passive income, setup systems in the background that did 99% of the work 24/7 so I could spend my time travelling without seeing my savings balance slowly decrease 😅

Jumping right into the online space at first was overwhelming. I had purchased a few courses, but found everything so complicated! But after wading through all the info online to find the right online training for me. I realised it wasn't that complicated at all 🤦🏻‍♀️

If anything I just realised that many people "sell the dream". But let's just say (there is a lot of crap out there in the online space!). I had my doubts, wondering if someone like me, could actually make it work.

This is where I came across two humble Aussies (#vanlifers at the time 🚐) who had created their own affiliate course (for that exact reason). So I started doing their online training & courses and I realised how easy their training was to implement.

So I purchased the course and started doing a few quick simple lessons online like (building my website + learning about marketing etc) 👩🏻‍💻📚

Less than 5 weeks later after launching my affiliate business I made my first 3 sales within a week (I literally couldn't believe it).

And a few weeks after that I was having consistent sales.

This is not for you if you're not willing to put in the work or expect overnight results. It takes hard work and determination & consistency is key. I've experienced over $1000 days without being present online and that is something I will never take for granted ✨

If you're serious about giving your office cubicle the flick and you want to travel and not have to stress about trying to find a course that has extensive training, then you need to watch this free masterclass 🤓

KODAK 400 VC-3


Bali, Indonesia







How to build an online income in 2023 without any prior experience or social media following.

The top 6 mistakes that you need to be aware of (or might even be already making) that can stop you from ever earning a dollar online.

The 3 steps that make up a Time Freedom Framework ~ what you actually need to build to 'replace' yourself online so you can consistently make sales without being present.